Attention: Global Messengers and Transformational Leaders:

Competition is OUT, Collaboration is IN!

Are You wanting to connect with influential leaders to share your message globally, create deeper impact, and achieve greater financial success for your business and your partners?

Now is your time to create powerful partnerships that  position You as the trusted authority in your market place, send you hundreds and even thousands of your ideal clients, and promote your products and services for YOU.

The new paradigm of business is an abundant, resourceful, and collaborative model that will revolutionize your business, your life, and your client’s lives. 

AND it’s just a phone call away…

If you have been struggling to take your business to the next level, whether that’s 5 figures to 6, or 6 figures to 7, while having more freedom and fun in your life, creating long term partnerships that leverage your time, while committed to you and your success, is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

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The short version:

After spending 3 years behind the scenes (and over 100 campaigns) supporting Industry Recognized Experts
and Entrepreneurs to reach the 6 and 7 figure mark through affiliate marketing, I knew it was time to help YOU do the same in your business. Time and time again, as the most amazing leaders reached out to me for consultations, I heard and saw the pain in their eyes as they wanted to step further into their leadership, be recognized as an industry expert, reach more of their ideal clients, and earn a substantial income to support their family, and desires while serving powerfully and intentionally.  It was in those moments I truly understood where I was being called to serve you in a bigger way.  I had walked through the fires myself to know that the only thing standing in your way of achieving your dreams was understanding the multitude of ways partnership can begin sharing your business even when just getting started, the back-end know how (which is easier then it looks and has many work-arounds), the confidence to step forward and truly honor your value, and the positioning so you can show up in your total brilliance and power!

If I can do it, YOU can do it! 

With a huge commitment to your success I compiled everything I learned from a technology, systems, and strategy standpoint and combined it with the power of alignment, intention, and heart centered leadership to bring you the ultimate program for success in business and partnership, Affiliate Partnerships 2.0!

“Partnership is not only the fastest way to achieving the impact and freedom one desires in their life and business, but ultimately is the vessel to tapping into universal abundance and self-actualization, while dissolving the lines of separation, fear, and competition;
harmonizing the planet.” – Erika Watson

Affiliate Partnerships 2.0 Includes In-depth Content, Templates. and over 20 of recorded Q/A so You Don’t Have to Second Guess Yourself to Create the Success and Partnerships You Want Right Now!!

++ 5 Modules, 6 Weeks, and over 20 hours of recorded Live content and q/a calls to answer your deepest questions!
++ Loads of email templates, top 10 questions, and case studies to get you results, FAST!
++ A private FB group so you can immediately begin connecting with other entrepreneurs ready to build their business through partnership! (priceless)
++ An action oriented workbook to make sure you are implementing and on task!
++ and many other upgrades to explode your partnership potential!

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$497 Option

  2 x $275 Option

“The moment Erika launched her Affiliate Partnership 2.0program last year, I signed-up because I knew how much I wanted to grow my business through the power of partnership.  I’m great with relationships but knew nothing about how to build a financially successful, long-term, affiliate partnership program, particularly one with heart.Erika was the obvious go-to teacher for this because she has such a breadth and depth of experience in creating affiliate partnerships, both from the technical and the relational perspective.  Plus she makes it fun and easy!With Erika’s guidance, I recently launched my 6-week teleseminar From’Sleazy’ Sales to Sacred Selling with 16 affiliate partners, had 440 opt-in to my preview call, 82 show up live on the call, and 20 sign-up for my program.  I could have never done this on my own!  As a result of the exposure this gave me, I was asked to join a team of evolutionary entrepreneurs and I was also invited to present in two upcoming telesummits, one of them with a big reach. The crazy thing is I now have other entrepreneurs asking me to show them how to create their own affiliate partnership program.  My response?  Go learn from Erika!  The affiliate partnerships you’ll create will totally transform your business!”  -Susanna Maida, Ph.D.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

What Affiliate Partnerships 2.0 Provides:

A. Identify Your Needs for Partnership: Get CLEAR on what you are creating so you can attract the RIGHT support to manifest it!
B. Embody Your Full Value as a Partner:
Unleash your hidden gems for VIP positioning and influencing partners and clients!
C. Activate your Touchpoints and Sales Potential:
Know exactly what, when, how and where you should be promoting for higher ROI’s!

A. Choosing Your Software: I Break it down and make it simple for you to get started affiliating NOW!
B. Terms, Agreements, Policies:
The do’s and the don’ts: What you don’t know could jeopardize your business profits and relationships!
C. Commissions:
Understand how much to give, industry standards, and why generosity matters!
D. Support, Tools and Resources:
Learn what you must provide your partners so they can provide YOU maximum results.
E. Branding Secrets:
look the part you came here to play!

A. Identify Your Ideal Partners: Get Crystal Clear on Exactly WHO you should be aligning with for optimum fulfillment, leverage, and success.
B. Partner Hot Spots:
Identify where your Ideal Partners are located utilizing my signature Bulls-eye formula so you know exactly where to direct your energy
C. Partner Engagement Strategy and Networking:
  Feel comfortable, confident and ready to engage with high profile partners for maximum connection and results!

A. VIP Partner Program:  Learn how to create a Top of Mind Awareness Strategy and an Elite Partner Program
B. Internal Team Operations:
Learn what to track, delegate, and systematize for successful operations that eventually take you out of the game!
C. Contracts and Compensation:
Learn how to compensate your support team for quality commitment!
D. Create and Leverage Important Media and Collaboration Materials:
Bios, Guest Blogging and More!

A. It’s a Numbers Game: Great Projections for Better Results!
B. A detailed look at my signature 6 Points to Creating a 6 Figure Affiliate Platform:

Experience- Details- Incentives- Technology- Training- Support!
C. Plus numerous samples of 6 figure affiliate launches and other success strategies
: No cookie cutters here! Get your juices turning and your products sold over and over again!
D. Joint Venture or Partner Interviews:
Strategy + Set Up + Support = Success!

PLUS:  Awesome Content from My Contributing Partners!

60 Minute Branding Call with Ashley Inzer, Soul Bomb Designs!  Look the Part and Make More Money!!

Sage Lavine: How To Discover Your Perfect Tribe & Get Clear On How To Create Your

Greg Habstritt: Incredible Behinds Scenes of View of JV Blog and Campaign strategies! { rare content!]

Infusionsoft: Free Affiliate Software Training Videos! Exclusive for Affiliate Partnership 2.0 Members


If YOU are ready to drop the struggle, isolation, and doing it all alone then
Join Us On Your 6 Figure Path Through Partnership Now:

It’s Your Turn to be Loved, Seen, and Heard in Your Business! 

$497 Option

2 x $275 Option

Your Presence is Your Gift, Your Business,Your Offering


Affiliate Marketing is a Referral Based Marketing and Sales Strategy in which commissions and or other incentives are offered to partners through tracked results.

As an old paradigm model, entrepreneurs would buy ‘lists’ to promote affiliate partners with little regard to the track or tribe, relevance or congruency, create web pages with multiple affiliate links based on popularity not integrity, and or promote partners from a place of fear, ‘shoulds, or greed.

As I stepped further out into my purpose, I recognized a desire for something deeper from affiliate marketing and the partnerships being formed.  As I paid attention to my colleagues, I heard the same requests over and over, a longing for more fulfilling, sustainable, and in the end financially rewarding relationships.

To answer this call, I created Affiliate Partnerships 2.0; to bring heart centered entrepreneurs together to do business differently in the New Paradigm of Business, to create a WIN WIN WIN formula.

This means I connect you to

  • A deeper calling for creating partnerships; the desire in which your message wants to be fully expressed and communicated; supported by partners who invite you to lead in new arenas because they can see the gifts that you bring.
  • A place that desires to build a successful platform in order to really make an impact when promoting the people who inspire you and contribute value to you and your community.
  • A place that cares deeply about the community you serve, and the recognition that when we share opportunity for each other’s geniuses to come together, the precision of excellence and results are greater then when we expend energy and resources to do everything ourselves.
  • A model that places priority on developing and nurturing relationships as primary list building and revenue streams.

I believe that:

  • Technology is here to support innovation and collaboration, not limit us to specific standards and structures.
  • Greater financial reward and personal fulfillment is available for everyone involved in the affiliate marketing model when based on the clarifying points above.
  • The success of ones business is based on one’s relationships and personal alignment; after all without relationships we have no business!!
  • Partnership is not only the fastest way to achieving the impact and freedom one desires in their life and business, but ultimately is the vessel to tapping into universal abundance and self-actualization, while dissolving the lines of separation, fear, and competition; harmonizing the planet.


Are You Ready To Be Loved, Seen, and Heard
in YOUR Business?

What some of my partners and clients have said about working with me:

Lynn Rose: Founder of

Joint ventures can be one of the best ways to grow your list and expand your sales potential, especially when you learn how to align with the right people. Having worked with myself and several other conscious business owners, Erika has a unique way of creating and managing affiliate campaigns that can move you from lackluster to significant results. If your campaigns have been under-performing, I highly suggest you get the Affiliate Partnerships 2.0 system to take the guess work out and implement a proven approach.”

Melanie Benson Strick The Big Idea Catalyst and America’s Premier Productivity Coach

“Erika Watson is someone who understands how to nurture and support a relationship. She worked very closely with me to secure partnerships with some of the biggest names in the world, and lovingly worked with them to ensure they promoted us to the fullest. If you need someone to properly represent your desire to serve to others, I could not recommend Erika Watson highly enough.”

-Max Simon


“Erika Watson is the go-to person in the industry for affiliate marketing. She’s worked on over 100 campaigns, mine included. She helped me understand the logistics, and more importantly, helped me overcome any fears I had around asking for support. What I love most about Erika is her ability to lead by example. I am so excited that she is launching Affiliate Partnerships 2.0 because this program is going to be a game changer for entrepreneurs who want to leverage networks to get their message out there to a larger audience.”

Tanya Paluso, founder Tribal Truth


“Erika Watson is a miracle worker. Her involvement in the launch of my 6 Month Coaching Program made all the difference in the world. From her ability to manage the many moving parts to her remarkable way of engaging affiliates and making them feel supported, Erika is definitely a must for your next product launch.”

- Jane Deuber Business Mastery Program, Entrepreneur


“Working with Erika was a real treat.  She is a talented expert and through her work I was able to gain new clarity about my direction regarding JV’s and how they can add value to my business while I add value to theirs. She taught me to look at the big picture of my business, where I can take it and how I should be communicating with my JV’s, which were areas I had been neglecting.  I feel more confident in how I communicate and have a greater sense of clarity about my direction. Erika’s work goes far beyond what I thought she offered though.  She has inspired me and provided wonderful support so I feel ready and prepared with launching my next program. Thank you Erika!!” – Catherine Newton


“Erika Watson is a gem of a human being, and what she does best is shine her love!  What does this have to do with the new paradigm of business and affiliate relationships?  Ultimately, we’re all helping people shine – helping them realize more of who they are and bring that out in the world.  And so much of that begins with who we are and how we conduct our businesses.  Erika has tremendous experience and business acumen in the world of creating, maintaining and growing affiliate partnerships.  But best of all, she knows how to do it with conscious win-win connections that help us all serve the bigger mission.  She truly is one in a million.”